Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oops! I made you a daddy!

*Blink Blink*

Hmmm, this uterus is starting to push into me now....I'm getting cramped.
Wonder what the date is?? Hey Mom! Mooooooommm!!! mommyyyyyyy!!! What date is it today?

1st June! Isn't this a little early for you to be imposing your uterus onto me!!
I'm still enjoying the tasty treats your friends made you eat at your baby shower 2 days ago! Stop trying to push me out will you.

*Soothes the uterus down* There there, I'm not leaving you and going just yet. We'll be friends for sometime yet, Me, My umbilical cord and you!

2nd June:
Ouch! Mom stop pushing. *Gags* I'm not getting enough air! Help Help....*Kicks frantically with each contraction* I can't take this anymore...I'm too lazy to fight this *Heart Rate Falls*

Ohhh everything's going dark. I'm feeling numb. Hey, wait a minute! Come back here! You, yes you anterior wall of the uterus....What's the big idea letting so much light in!!! Arrrrgghh, there's a knife in your belly!!!

*Bright Lights* *Blink...Blink...Blink*

Oh Crap! I'm out!!! Better start crying before that scary looking pediatrician whacks my bottoms!! *Waaaah Waaaahh*

Ohhh Mommy you're pretty!!!!! Who is that monstrosity of a man with a cap and mask! That's dad! You have got to be kidding me. How could someone looking like that produce something as cute as me!

Ok ok, smile for the camera!

Gosh, I'm tired now! Enough for the first day of my life.

More later


Lavita said...

This is so cute! I love the way its written... It really makes u know baby Jeehan in-depth :D

Anonymous said...


And Congratulations!

Techknowbaby said...

@Lavita Thanks a lot!
@bakwaasbybiswas Thanks a ton.

sujata said...

Hey Pathan... Loved reading it through and through!