Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mommy says I'm growing bigger.

I'm settling down into a routine now. I wake up usually around 6ish....I know, I'm an early bird...and I get my worm...oops sorry mommie milk! Then on, its usually sleep feed sleep feed and in between getting my backside cleaned for me by mummy or daddy.

Until yesterday, when I was being naughty and troubling mummy. She complained to daddy about me and daddy picked me up to calm me down.He briefly mentioned to mommy that I was gaining weight. That was it.
It was all Mommy needed to express what she thought she was imagining. She could feel the strain now on her arms of picking me up and carrying me around.

Hehehehe I didn't tell anyone. I knew all along that I was growing fast.

I let out another surprise at them the same evening. I laughed. Not the gas inflicted smile that I would be forced to give while passing wind. This was a naughty, mischievous laugh baring all my would be teeth!

They looked like such goofs after that staring at me waiting for me to do it again. I guess I'll keep them waiting for a while more.

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