Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When will they ever learn.

I'm two weeks old now and so are my parents. I've grownup quickly quickly. They're still growing slowly!
I've learnt so many new things, you know...I learnt how to blink, how to bat my eyelashes, how to make silly faces so that people would pick me up.

I learnt that I have to burp quickly after my meal or else Mummy or Daddy whack my back till I am so tired that I fall asleep.

I also learnt to make noises to express myself when I need a change or I need to be fed. Still, they haven't figured out which noise is for which. There are so many times when I am hungry and they are groping around my backside waiting for poop. Then, there are times when I'm sitting in a pool of my poop but all mommy wants to do is feed me! I tell you, these adults are slow learners.

The other thing I've learnt is to not mess with my Maalish Aunty. She comes every morning, plops me over her legs and massages my skin with some slimy, slippery fluid. I've heard Daddy calling it Oil or something. It smells. If I protest though, aunty pushes my muscles harder. She also believes that I am old enough to exercise and stretches my arms and legs to the limit.

After this, is the time I like best. Bath time. She puts me on her feet, soaps me, washes me, flips me over on her feet, does the same thing with my back and then dries me off. Then, its Powder time. I smell great after that! Then its sleepy time! But they all insist on playing with me once I'm done!!! When will they ever learn!