Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm a jetsetter!

Here ye Here ye....The crown prince of domestic airlines approaches. I have just returned from my next travel session, this time to Bhubaneshwar, Puri and Vishakhapatnam.

A whole bunch of kids can boast of traveling a lot before they're 1 but how many do you know who have completed 1 of the 4 dhams (Char Dham - 4 holy places to see before you die for all Hindus who want to go to heaven!) before their grandparent's have! Ha!

I also had the good fortune of traveling to Konark to visit the World Heritage Sun Temple. What a wonderful temple but what horrible heat from the sun. I was forced to become Salmanish!

Also, I did my first train journey (8 hours) which was pure fun! Mommy kept me company and kept me well fed, even changed me in the train on the side berth. 

Then, there was the wedding - My maasi got married. Super fun it was. I played with each and every thing I could get my grubby hands on, stole attention from the bride and groom whenever possible and basically basked in the glory that is my childhood. (I know I'm getting cocky, but since I'm 9 months now I can get away with it). I went to the beach, I went to the disco, I went for a costume party dressed as an eskimo, I went for the Mehendi dressed as Krishna, I went to the wedding dressed in a black suit and I slept like a king with a sea view room! I went to the groom's chacha's restaurant where I was treated like a king with special Khicadi being made for me....which everyone loved and ate! 


Ahh! If this is what life is, bring it on I say!

P.S. So what did I teach my dad from all this you ask (since that is the purpose of this blog) - I taught him how to stop being lazy and get back to blogging about his Poopla!