Friday, December 3, 2010

He's A Big Boy Now!

My Son is 6 months old. He's a big boy now! He can even sit on his own without support. I guess this is the first step towards actual independence, in a way.

Up until now, he was completely dependent on us, his mommy and myself. Now, he's doing things on his own. It is a matter of pride, no doubt, to see your little one achieve his milestones so well.

A lot of people close to me ask me how it feels. I'm not quite sure. Mommy is super happy and excited. I am too but its really more than happiness isn't it. I mean I'm happy for my friend's birthday too, but this is something else!

Techknowbaby now smiles at will....and he smiles a lot. We make sure of that. No matter how tired or upset I am, I will always have a smile on my face once I see him. He has a way of bringing it out in you. His dada calls it an infectious smile. I agree!

There are few more things he does that invoke completely new feelings. He eats with me. Not an easy task, ask any parent. He sits on his chair and coos away till I look at him.

When he's sleepy, he will wrap his tiny fingers around my thumb and hold on...waiting till his eyes close or he gets bored. He even smiles at me in his sleep! If he's asleep when I'm carrying him, he'll adjust his neck just so it fits snugly between my shoulder and neck.

He's taught me lots already...and there's so much more to go. But if you think happy is enough to describe this birthday feeling, it's falling way short of the emotion that I cannot put a label on.


PoppadumArt said...

coming from you, finally something that got your emotions out:)

Samit Malkani said...

I think the biggest thing Toofan's taught you is to express your emotions without fear or embarrassment. Very beautifully written, my friend. You're growing up.