Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hand Me Your Keys!

These posts are coming too few too late, but what to do. I am growing up too fast to keep pace with writing and daddy has no time to write for me as he says I am a big boy now and should write for myself.

I've started playschool and am loving it. I get to run around the class, make as much noise as I want, pull other people's hair and paint and scribble (all of which I am not allowed to do at home). I've also started learning a lot of things. For one, I know what keys are now and demand them every time I see some.

 I had gone visiting with my Daadi to her patient's room and my Mummy and Daddy came to pick me up. Since they both are now getting old and forgetful, they realised that they didn't have the house key, so we took Daadi's.

On the way back, I waaaaahed and baaaaahed till my daddy gave me the key to hold while he was holding me in his arms. Now being a child helps me get away with a lot. I swear I did not do this...but....the Keys fell into a drain on the road! It was around 8 and we were just outside our building. Curry time for me and worry time for the parents.

As luck would have it, there was no water in the drain at the time. Mommy's phone has a fantastic torch light so we could even see the key. For about 5 minutes, we just stood there saying bad bad words and wondering what to do. We had a fishing line and hook at home to lift clothes that fall off the clothes line but that was in our locked house! One super intelligent passer by in a car suggested we lift the drain cover. He kind of failed to notice that there was a parked car tyre over half of it! Not that we could open it anyway if there wasn't, as these are cemented into place!

Luckily, the kind uncle from Jain Stores who lives in our building, came across. He too had a fishing line in his house. He was so sweet that he ran up and got that down his fish hook. Daddy did some deft maneuvering and minutes later ta-da we had the keys in our hands (well in their hands) I haven't got my tiny fingers on house keys after this!